Celebrate Easter 2022

Celebrate Easter 2022 at The 3B Homestead.jpg

You are invited to the 3B Homestead to Celebrate Easter

in a refreshing, fun, and meaningful way! 

Enjoy the homestead animals as they help tell The Story

Witness some of the last events in the life of Jesus on earth and why

we celebrate His crucifixion and resurrection! 

                        Discover that Easter is not about the bunny, it's about the Lamb!                                                                                  

Brand new this year are two different options.  Notice the times:


1st Option Stay in your car, drive-through-the-homestead and

use your cell phone to listen to a podcast story made specifically for each station.

 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

April 9, 10, 13, and 16

Note:  The gates close at noon.

2nd Option:  Get out of your car so you can walk-through-the-barn for stories and hands on activities. Wearing a mask is your personal choice. 

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

April 9,10,13, and 16

Note:  The gates close at 7pm.

Note:  Each option will take about one hour to go through the event.

In addition to the animals, stories, and activities, you are invited to bring a

cross in remembrance of a loved one who has passed away.  It will be placed in the

“Field of Crosses” along Highway 1.  Click here for more information

about the "Field of Crosses."


Bring your family, friends, and neighbors.  This community outreach of

the 3B Homestead, LLC is a free event.  Donations are accepted.

Located on Highway 1 between Murdock and Elmwood Nebraska at

7603 298th Street, Murdock, NE  68407

Mark and Sondra Buell

402-867-1802 | Website:  www.3BHomestead.com

Click here to download a flyer to print and share.

Getting Here

The 3B Homestead is located on the east side of Highway 1 between Elmwood and Murdock Nebraska.   It's the second place south of the big curve.  It is a quick 35 minute drive southwest of Omaha and northeast of Lincoln.