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A Field of Crosses

Now is the time to celebrate Easter!  In addition to the 2024 Celebrate Easter events hosted by The 3B Homestead, Buells are offering an opportunity for all neighbors, friends, and guests to bring a cross in remembrance of a loved one, or friend who has passed away.  The crosses will be "planted" in the corn field south of the Buell’s home.

The crosses can be home-made or purchased, decorated or plain.  Names and stories connected to the cross are optional. 

Crosses can be brought to the 3B Homestead anytime from now until Easter.  People can “plant” their own cross in The Field of Crosses, or leave their cross in the box near the field’s entrance for the Buells to “plant.” 


Crosses will remain in the field until after Easter.  Guests who want their cross back should attach a weather-proof label with their phone number. Buells will call to arrange for a pick-up time.


Everyone is invited to drive by and view The Field of Crosses during the season of Easter. 


Why do we do this?  When we’ve lost someone, we hurt. The crosses invite us to bring our hurts to Jesus and because of the cross, Jesus gives HOPE, forgiveness

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A Field of Crosses

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