Hours of Operation for

Celebrate Easter 2022

Brand new this year are two different options.  Notice the times:


1st Option Stay in your car, drive-through-the-homestead and listen to a podcast.

You will need your cell phone to listen to the podcast.

 Saturday, April 9th          9am to noon

 Sunday, April 10th           9am to noon

Wednesday, April 13th   9am to noon

 Saturday, April 16th        9am to noon

Note:  The gate will close at noon.

2nd Option:  Get out of your car so you can walk-through-the-barn for stories and hands on activities. Wearing a mask is your personal choice. 

Saturday, April 9th          4pm to 7 pm

 Sunday, April 10th           4pm to 7 pm

Wednesday, April 13th   4pm to 7 pm

 Saturday, April 16th        4pm to 7 pm

Note:  The gate will close at 7pm

Each option will take about one hour.