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The Living Nativity Podcast
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Press play at Station 1.  Press pause between each station and then press play again at the next station.  If you have a short wait, please see the conversation starters below.

Conversation Starters


As you take time to reflect and process what you see and hear at The Living Nativity, we encourage you to engage in some valuable conversation with those who are important to you.   Mark and Sondra Buell have found that for parents and children, sometimes all we need is an idea to get a conversation rolling.  The following conversation starters provide adults a platform to express their experiences, ideas, and values, and one conversation often leads to another.  ​Enjoy your time together while reminiscing about The Living Nativity and the real meaning of Christmas!

  • Station 1 – Welcome Station     What is something you have done to make someone feel welcome?

  • Station 2 – The 1888 Barn     As you drive through the country, look for the barns.  The 3B Homestead barn has seen many changes.  What changes have you experienced in your life?

  • Station 3 – Luke 2: 1-7     The Bible Story tells us that Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem for the census because that’s where Joseph’s people were from.  Where are your people from?

  • Station 4 – The Chickens     Chickens lay eggs.  If you eat eggs, how do you like them cooked? Maybe you could say a table prayer before you eat, thanking God for your food. 

  • Station 5 – Horses     In Bibletimes, horses were used by soldiers.  What experiences have you had with horses? 

  • Station 6 – Rabbits     Rabbits can be very quick when they hop away!  What can you do quickly?

  • Station 7 – Ducks and Geese     God provides for the birds of the air.  How have you experienced God providing for you?  

  • Station 8 – Manger     Baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem and laid in a manger.  Where were you born?

  • Station 9 – Dairy     Milk from dairy cows is used to make many dairy products. Help each other name some of these products.  Which one(s) do you like to eat or drink?

  • Station 10 – Beef Cow     The black cow’s name is HOPE.  What gives you hope?

  • Station 11 – Billy Goats    Billy goats like to butt heads with other goats.  This makes them strong!  What trouble or hard times have you gone through that has made you stronger and a better person?

  • Station 12 – Camel and Star     The wise men followed a special star to find baby Jesus and gave him three gifts.  How many gifts do you give, and get, at Christmas?  Why do we give gifts at Christmas?

  • Station 13 – Cattle/Prodigal Son     In the prodigal son story, the father forgave his son and served roast beef at a happy welcome home party.  What does forgiveness feel like for you?

  • Station 14 – Nanny Goats     Have you seen a baby goat jump? It’s a joyful sight and will make you smile.  What makes you feel like jumping for joy?

  • Station 15 – Donkeys     Many animals, and breeds of animals, have distinct markings.  What special markings do donkeys have on their back and shoulders?  A cross!  How do you feel when you think about the cross of Jesus?

  • Station 16 – The Nativity Stable     The Christmas Story about the birth of baby Jesus can be found in the Bible in Luke 2:1-20.  The part about the wise men following the star can be found in the Bible in Matthew 2:1-12.   Do you have a nativity scene in your home?  Where do you see nativity scenes? 

  • Station 17 – The Ram     Jacob Sheep are very rare, have awesome horns, and are known for their spotted wool. What do you want to be known for that would be pleasing to God?

  • Station 18 – Female Sheep     Sheep listen really well; they know their shepherd’s voice.  What can you listen to in order to come closer to God? 

  • Station 19 – Angel     The message “Do not be afraid” or “Fear not” appear 366 times in the Bible. When the Shepherds were taking care of the sheep, angels appeared in the sky and said, “Do not be afraid.”  Do you sometimes feel afraid?  What is something you could do if you are scared?

  • Station 20 – Thank you for Coming!     Only one animal is mentioned in the Bible in Luke 2 about the birth of baby Jesus (the flocks being watched by the Shepherds).  That’s important because we, like sheep, need a shepherd!  That’s why Jesus came at Christmastime; to be our shepherd!  That’s why we celebrate Christmas!

  • Other animals, like you’ve seen at the 3B Homestead, COULD have been in the stable barn because Mary laid baby Jesus in a manger, a manger is usually in a barn, and a barn is used for animals. 

  • What part of the Christmas story speaks to you the most?  What part will you share with others?  Maybe you can be like the Shepherds and “Go Tell Others” about baby Jesus.

Thank you!


We sincerely thank our wonderful volunteers and in-kind supporters for helping with the Podcast and this event.


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We sincerely and gratefully thank Pastor Michelle Chesnut, and her husband Nick Chesnut, from The St Paul and Ebenezer United Methodist Churches for their wonderful work recording and preparing The Living Nativity podcast.  Take some time to visit their website 

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