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A Field of Crosses

To celebrate Easter and the HOPE we receive from the resurrection of Jesus Christ, guests are invited to bring a cross in remembrance of a loved or friend who has passed away.  We "plant" them in the corn field south of the farm house. 

Many people bring crosses, most in size from 10 inches to about 3 feet in height.  There are home-made crosses and purchased crosses, wooden crosses, metal crosses, pipe crosses, decorated crosses, even a cross made from pvc pipe.  Some guests include their loved one's name, others are simple and plain.  All crosses bring a humble memory, much love, and even a tear when viewed.

The Field of Crosses will take place again this Easter, 2023.  Guests, neighbors, friends, anyone, can bring a cross in memory of a loved one.  Bring them anytime beginning mid March and plant them yourself if you'd like.  If you want Buell's to put the cross in the field, simply leave it in the basket under the oak tree by the main lane.  You can bring a cross with you if you are attending one of the private events.

Crosses will remain in the field until mid April.  At that time they can be picked up.  If you want your cross back, please include your phone number so Buells can call you at the end of the month to arrange for a pick-up time.

Thank you!                                                                                                                    Click here to go back to the home page.

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A Field of Crosses

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