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Celebrate Easter

March 26-28, 2021

You are invited to a unique drive-through

Easter event at the 3B Homestead.

It is family-friendly and Covid-safe.

Open 1:00 to 6:00 pm | March 26th, 27th, 28th, 2021

Experience JOY as you follow a path and view adorable animals.

Experience EXCITEMENT as you hear the Easter Story 

found in the four Gospels.

Experience HOPE as you discover the reason we

Celebrate Easter!

Bring your cell phone or other electronic device to

listen to the story on a podcast

as you drive the path through the barns and homestead.

This event is complete with take-home game ideas,

conversation starters for you and your peeps, 

and intriguing moments that will become lasting memories.

In addition to the drive-through Easter experience, you will see a  "Field of Crosses." Everyone is invited to bring a cross in memory of a loved one that died during the past difficult year.  Any kind of cross, approximately  18" to 24" tall, handmade or purchased, simple or complex will be great! There is a drop off box for crosses at the end of the lane at the 3B Homestead. Bring it any day before the event, or when you come to the event! It'll be added to the "Field of Crosses" for guests to see. After Easter, come and get your cross, or leave it at the homestead.  

This community outreach of the 3B Homestead is a free event.  Donations accepted at the event and on-line using VENMO @ThreeB-Homestead

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