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Conversation Starters for The Living Nativity 2022

Written by Sondra Buell


As you take time to reflect and process what you see and hear at "The Living Nativity" Event we encourage you to engage in some valuable conversation with those who are important to you.   Mark and Sondra Buell have found that for parents and children, sometimes all we need is an idea to get a conversation rolling.  The following conversation starters provide adults a platform to express their experiences, ideas, and values, and one conversation often leads to another.  ​Enjoy your time together while reminiscing about the sights, sounds, and the Real Meaning of Christmas!

  1. You probably noticed that the volunteers at The Living Nativity were not wearing costumes.  That’s because the Living Nativity was not a Nativity “scene”, but a story told alongside the animals of why Jesus came to earth.  Jesus was born over 2000 years ago, but that message is still an important story for today.  Dressing up is fun, though!  If you could dress up as one of the stable animals or characters in the Bible Story, which one would you choose and why?  What would you need for your costume?

  2. Did you have some cocoa at The Living Nativity?  Cocoa always warms our insides.  What do you think it means to have your heart warmed?  Does any part of the Christmas Story or the visit to 3B Homestead warm your heart?

  3. You saw a big angel at the 3B Homestead.  Angels are mentioned several times in the Christmas Story! 1) God sent the Angel Gabriel to visit the Virgin Mary and tell her she’d have a baby, 2) Three times an angel spoke to Joseph in a dream, 3) Angels visited the shepherds in the field and told them to not be afraid, but to go and see Baby Jesus.  Angels are mentioned 366 times in the Bible, one for each day, even during a leap year! Angels always say, “Do not be afraid” and “fear not.”  God cares about our fears. Maybe you could sing a Christmas song about angels. 

  4. Symbols can help us remember things.  The cross on the donkey helps us remember what Jesus did for us on the cross to pay for our sins. The upside-down candy cane helps us remember Jesus’ name; “J” for Jesus.  What symbols, or letters, or other tricks do you use to help you remember things?

  5. Do you have a Bible at home?  If not, you can find a copy on-line. Sometime during Christmas take time to read the stories. The Christmas Story you heard in the big barn can be found in Luke 2:1-20. | The wisemen story is in Matthew 2:1-12  |  Joseph’s stories, dreams and obedience are found in Matthew 2:12-23. | Mary’s prayer can be found in Luke 2:46-56.

  6. In the Christmas Story, Mary & Joseph traveled about 90 miles to get to Bethlehem.  I wonder if Mary and Joseph had a map.  What is the farthest distance you have traveled to get somewhere?  Did you need to use a map? Do you like to use paper maps or electronic maps?

  7. You saw many animals at The Living Nativity.  The Buells have a lot of chores when feeding and watering the animals - especially in cold weather when their water freezes. I wonder if Jesus, as a young boy, had chores to do?   What kinds of chores do you do?

  8. Sometimes at this time of year we get so caught up in gifts, programs, and Christmas cookies that we forget about everything else.  What plans are you making to celebrate Jesus at Christmas?

  9.  Christmas is an exciting time to have a countdown.  The Buells use an advent wreath to help them prepare for and countdown to Christmas. You may have seen it in the Stable Store.  Do you do anything special to countdown the days to Christmas, the birthday of Jesus?

  10. Throughout the event you saw nativity scene decorations.  Do you have a nativity scene at your home?  After you’ve been to The Living Nativity, you can use a nativity scene to help tell the Christmas Story from things you learned, things like: the manger, the wisemen’s gifts, what animals the Bible really mentions in the Christmas Story.  Don’t forget the most important part – that “we like sheep need a shepherd”!  Who did God send to us to be our guiding Shepherd?

Merry Christmas and God Bless you!

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