Conversation Starters

Written by Sondra Buell


As you take time to reflect and process what you see and hear at the "Celebrate Easter" Event we encourage you to engage in some valuable conversation with those who are important to you.   Mark and Sondra Buell have found that for parents and children, sometimes all we need is an idea to get a conversation rolling.  The following conversation starters provide adults a platform to express their experiences, ideas, and values, and one conversation often leads to another.  ​Enjoy your time together while reminiscing about the sights, sounds, definitions and meanings of Easter.

  1. God gave babies lots of energy.  It’s fun to watch baby animals run and jump in the springtime.  Do you like to run and jump and why? 

  2. Jesus loved his twelve disciples and Jesus loves you!  Jesus demonstrated how to serve and be kind to those he loved by washing their feet.  Would you like to wash someone’s feet?  What other things could you do to be kind to a person?

  3. Jesus loves us so much he was willing to die a painful death on the cross, just to forgive us of our sins.  That’s a lot of love!

  4. Hearts are the symbol of love. Try using your fingers to make a heart.   Share this heart with someone you love.

  5. Crowns are usually beautiful things.  The crown of thorns that was placed on Jesus’ head was not beautiful and it must have hurt him a lot.   Think about thorns.  Roses have thorns on their stems.  Some weeds have thorns.  When have you experienced pain from a thorn?​

  6. Which animal did you like best at the 3B Homestead?

  7. Jesus went to a garden to pray.  We can pray anytime, anywhere, and about anything!  Where is a place you would like to go to and pray?

  8. During the last supper with the disciples, Jesus served them the first communion.  Jesus said, “When you eat the bread and drink the juice, remember me.”  Today communion is served during worship time at church.  Have you ever had communion?  Do you think communion is important?

  9. Caterpillars change into butterflies.  Chicks hatch from eggs.  Do you know a person whose life was changed because of Jesus?  Maybe it’s you!  Tell the story.

  10. What plans are you making to celebrate and remember the resurrection of Jesus?

  11. Have you ever had a Resurrection Easter Egg hunt?  Put symbols of the Bible story in eggs – a donkey, a crown of thorns, a whip, a cross, silver coins … there are lots of items you could choose but leave one egg empty.  Do you know why?  Because the tomb is empty!  Jesus arose and is alive!  Hide all the eggs and have fun finding them and retelling the Easter Bible story using the symbols!

  12. At the end of the 3B Homestead event you were asked to look at the crosses.  Some people hang crosses on the walls in their home.  Some people wear cross jewelry.     Do you have any crosses?

  13. How many crosses did you see displayed throughout the 3B Homestead?  You can keep a tally here:

Happy Easter and God Bless you!